Access your bank account securely with Visa credit to make purchases, pay bills or get cash, anywhere in the world. With Visa credit, you stay in control, because what you spend is deducted directly from your bank account. What’s more, Visa credit is accepted everywhere Visa is – online, overseas, over the phone, at ATMs and in-store.

It’s easier to use than cash and checks

  • Convenience – Save on trips to the ATM and leave your checkbook at home. You can choose to sign for purchases or use a PIN. The choice is yours.
  • Better security – Visa monitors your account 24 hours a day to help prevent, detect and resolve fraud on your Visa credit card. With Visa Zero Liability, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases, and any funds taken from your account fraudulently will be returned.
  • Better money management — Your Visa credit transactions are automatically deducted from your bank account, so you can access your up-to-date balance on your issuers’ website or by phone. Your bank statement provides full details of your purchases, including merchant name, location, date and amount.

Visa Personal Payments
Now with Visa credit, you can not only buy your favorite product or pay for an overseas vacation, but also receive funds from a family member or friend. Most Visa credit cards are now enabled for Visa Personal Payment

Bank on us, your way

What suits you best today – online or face to face, mobile app or personal call? You choose…

Contactless payments

All Matrix Global Bank cards support Contactless payments of £30 or less. Just tap on the reader at the till and you’re done.
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Text and email alerts

We’ll help you stay in control of your money with text and email alerts that tell you what your balance is.
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Magic Money Machines

Count coins in a flash with our free Magic Money Machines. There’s one in every store. And if your child can guess how much their coins are worth, they could win a prize.