Merchant Services

Take charge of sales opportunities. Process every Credit and Debit card transaction faster and more efficiently. Our Merchant Services gives you the ability to accept nearly all forms of payment from your customers, giving you the competitive edge you need in today’s business world. Receive timely, automatic credit directly to your State Bank account.

We offer a variety of tools to fit your business needs:

  • Point-of-Sale terminals
  • PC-based programs
  • Touch-tone voice capture
  • Internet software
  • Wireless Solutions

In addition we also offer:

  • No contracts
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24 hour helpdesk
  • In person installation, training and servicing
  • Itemized statements
  • Equipment purchase with installment plans
  • Gift card program
  • Check guarantee programs


Bank on us, your way

What suits you best today – online or face to face, mobile app or personal call? You choose…

Contactless payments

All Matrix Global Bank cards support Contactless payments of £30 or less. Just tap on the reader at the till and you’re done.
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Text and email alerts

We’ll help you stay in control of your money with text and email alerts that tell you what your balance is.
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Magic Money Machines

Count coins in a flash with our free Magic Money Machines. There’s one in every store. And if your child can guess how much their coins are worth, they could win a prize.